Dr. A Mujahid Sheikh guided me with a greater understanding of myself and the system needed to achieve personal success. I am grateful to have him as a mentor. He creates a comfortable environment with humor in his training with a concentrated focus, pertinent questions, and constant professionalism. The examples he uses in his coaching are really thought – provoking ones and allow for self-exploration and personal decision-making, adapt working through both professional and personal challenges. I am happy to express my gratitude.
Lion Vijay Kumar. M
Lions Club of Mysore Bandhavya
I would express sincere thanks to Mr. Mujahid for being able to suitable care & attention to a senior citizen. A family friend having a medical condition with failing health had asked for remedy for pain & better health. I was fortunate to refer Mr. Mujahid, who by his vast experience in health management was able to diagnose the symptoms to give guidance & help the elderly gentleman recover faster. It is a pleasure to refer people for better health to you. Wish you all the best
A A Madhu Medappa
I would like to present this testimony to Mr. Mujahid Sheikh and his nutritional supplements for the wonderful guidance and support with regard to health and well-being. My nature of work involves lot of travelling, meeting with clients at hotels and restaurants, due to which I was forced to have outside food. This lead to acidity and other related problems. Most of the time I was on English medication. Had experienced a lot sleepless nights troublesome days, feeling uncomfortable to have food outside, was not able to have what I wished to and so on. after powerful and valuable one to one interaction with Mr. Mujahid, he suggested me few health supplements and home made tips, which I could get rid of all the issues, which worked, and I am totally happy with the results. Its not just me who is enjoying the results, also many friends of mine who are using them and happy with the results. Along with the acidity problems, diabetic problems are resolved and it is absolutely under control. By following Mr. Mujahid’s health guidance and followed by health supplement , I can sleep without any disturbance, travel around, have anything and everything I need, yet stay healthy. His support has extended not just to my family, but also to my friends stying overseas as well. This testimony is on behalf of my family, my relatives and friends who have started using health supplements which recommended by Mr. Mujahid. I strongly recommend his service to all my other friends and family members who are in need of this service. In other words, by using Mr. Mujahid’s services my friends and me are literally on top of the world with no health issues and leading a comfortable life.
Vinodh Kumar Jain
Managing Director, Sri Padma Enterprises
By listening to Dr. Mujahid (warrior) with his heartfelt smile and understanding the intention behind his work to make a difference, I feel elevated and more self-worthy. He has a great vision to reveal the hidden potential that every participant possesses, even if they are unaware of it themselves. The warrior's support has brought me more confidence and self-worth to achieve my dreams. I appreciate his perseverance and persistence in his approach to making a difference in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to have such a wonderful professional friend who has brought about a huge transformation in my life. I am greatly admired by the warrior's teaching methodology, with his craziness and humorous talks in his seminars and workshops. He is such a wonderful human being, an inspirational and impactful trainer, coach, and mentor, who strives to make a difference in society.
Mrs. Rajlakshmi
Professional Real Estate Speaker
Mujahid Sir's training was excellent; his methods of coaching have brought me confidence in my communication. I can make any deals that can happen and I can Build a strong relationship with anybody and how to make new friends and create a win-win situation. My problems were not able to communicate properly to my team to gain respect I was always demanding and commanding to my team and find mistakes in others first and feel frustrated most of the time
Comedian and Network Marketing Business owner
Thirthalli - Shimoga